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The Teleprompter app used by studios, TV, YouTubers, Influencers and more.

The Versatile Teleprompter App

Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Teleprompter Pro is the perfect solution for everything from simple projects to complex video productions. Teleprompter Pro provides an effortless Teleprompter solution for content creators, video production, virtual meetings, presentations and public speaking.

Teleprompter Pro with a studio camera

Infinitely Adjustable

Set up the text and scrolling in any way that works for you or your presenters. You can adjust all settings on a per-script bases, and set the default options for all newly created or imported scripts.

Adjust text size, line spacing, font & colours

Set the scrolling speed and add timers & countdowns

Assign buttons and actions for controllers and keyboards

Transparent window background on Mac

Teleprompter Pro Recording Video

Ready for the Studio

Teleprompter Pro is a user-friendly software that makes it easy for anyone to use, but under the hood it's packed with professional-grade features that are essential for real-world studio work. We use Teleprompter Pro in real studios through the year for actual commercial and broadcast work.

Clean signal out over USB-C via Adapter or AirPlay

Adjustable cue indicator for talent eyeline

Mirror/reverse the signal going to external displays

Teleprompter Pro in a Studio

Teleprompter Pro powering an AutoCue® on-camera rig from one iPad Pro for a live broadcast. Using the external display feature to provide a clean (and reversed for the mirror glass) signal over HDMI & SDI, controlled by a handheld gaming controller.

The Best Teleprompter For Creators

Save time recording and editing with Teleprompter Pro. Record using the selfie camera on your device and read your script at the same time.

Easy video recording

Read your script and notes as you record

Fewer mistakes and re-takes

Ready for professional camera hardware

Compatible with Elgato Prompter

Teleprompter Pro Recording Video

What Our Customers Think

Real App Store customer reviews

App Store Rating

4.75 out of 5based on 75,000+ user ratings worldwide

Hallie Reed

Game Changer

This is the best Teleprompeter App out here.


Great App

The app is impressive from a number of standpoints. It’s easy to onboard and get going with your first recording. Importing is a breeze, as is changing the scroll speed and the other variables that make the difference between panic and a controlled, ‘in charge’ experience. I highly recommend this app.

JCB 813


Teleprompter has been a game changer for me. I am a speaker and teacher so this has made it so much easier for me to conduct my virtual webinars without having to look at or fumble through papers.


Excellent App

I don't usually do reviews, but I have to say after using another popular app 'BigVu' for a few years and then being introduced to this one, it's by far one of the best deciosns I've made to move across. It's excellent, either on mobile, tablet and on my Mac computer too. It works flawlessly across all my devices and I wish I knew about it long before now. Huge thumbs up and thank you!

Manny Valencia

5-star for price vs performance

The price vs performance is hard to beat.I own several software many times more expensive than this. This does the job well.


The BEST Teleprompter App

Teleprompter Pro is the best teleprompter app sold in the App Store. Having downloaded several other apps before finding this Teleprompter Pro I was disappointed with the competitors’ design and capabilities. As an online professor who records video lectures, Teleprompter Pro provided the tools I needed to record professional lectures to provide my students with quality content. Excellent product, very fairly priced, and easy to use. I would to commend to anyone, whether an online professor like myself or a social media personality/ YouTuber. You will not regret buying this app!!

Media Maven

The best app purchase you will make

If you need an IOS teleprompter app, this is it! I bought this for a last minute production that needed a Teleprompter software solution. I was amazed at how well everything worked- Teleprompter Pro did everything it said it could. I was able to download scripts from the Dropbox folder I shared with my client, effortlessly control the iPad app with my iPhone, and quickly set up the iPad mirroring. It is so rare to find a developer that makes this solid a product. Kudos to the developer!


Exactly what you need!

This is the best teleprompter app I have used and worth the cost of premium!

Ben Reevrb

Fantastic Teleprompter...

I have just learned how to use this app and it seems excellent so far. I have all my songs transferred from email and set up alphabetically with timed songs for each. As soon as I get my PA unit, I will be using this exclusively.


Perfect for iPad

I make quite a few corporate films, often involving quite lengthy pieces to camera by the subjects. Teleprompter on the iPad is a perfectly portable lightweight solution to making the recordings easier to complete.


Very easy to use

I tried a few other teleprompter apps that were terrible. Then I found this app, which made my life so much easier. It’s easy to set the speed, and it superimposes the script over the video, so you can see how you look as you’re shooting.

apple frank

easy & flexible

I had to prepare to give a speech and I tried other teleprompter programs that were just too complicates to get to know. This was very easy and fast and has enough features to make it usable right out of the box.

Parish Digital

Best Teleprompter Yet

We were hesitant to pay to switch apps (again) due to all of the bad experiences we’ve had with other teleprompters, but this app finally delivers. Loading scripts is easy, all the necessary features work as advertised, and we didn’t have to pay for the premium app on each of our phones separately just to use them as remotes. (P.S. the remote control feature is among the best we’ve used.) This is a nearly perfect teleprompter app!

Big Dave in Qld

This is a great app

I've been using this app for content creation for years. It does everything I have ever asked from it really well.


So easy to use

This was recommended to me when I was stressing about recording a short film for work- it was a complete game changer and God send - so easy to use and record and took the stress out of producing the required film. Would highly recommend for anyone who needs to record a film and stick with a script- an excellent solution


Great App

Even without a subscription, this app offers app essential needs for teleprompting. I will be purchasing the premium version for the additional features, although the free version was sufficient. Great job with this app. I Love it!


This app is superb

I'm getting a ton of use from this app. I like to film video for my business and cannot freestyle to save my life. This lets me write something out quick, set a read back speed, and make it look like I'm not reading anything! Highly recommend!


Teleprompter quickly

Got to grips with this app and ran it on my iPad in a Zoom meeting an hour later. How did we manage for all that time?


Precisely what I need!

The free version is absolutely fantastic and works flawlessly, doing precisely what I need it to do. This is a great little tool, and I’m not even using all of its features! Get it!


Easy and Effective

As someone who creates videos constantly, this is by far the fastest, easiest way to have a “teleprompter” for your phone with a ton of extra features!



I have been using this Teleprompter program for more than 4 years. I like the options and features. I especially like the editing ability and the ability to adjust the scrolling speed while using it. Glad I came across it in the App Store.


Great app

Never tried a teleprompter app for videos and this thing was great! Highly recommend if you plan on doing videos and want to read a script.


worked out great for me in a pinch!

I grabbed this app, when I needed to make a video fairly quickly and send it to someone who was waiting for me. It was in the middle of the night, and I needed it to be done professionally, quite quickly. Fortunately, I was able to develop a script, but I didn't have access to a printer or anything I needed to read, speak, and record. Bingo! I'll be sure to include this in all of my Keynote presentations for sure, going forward!


Exactly what I was looking for

I use it for my all audition video submissions. It’s quick easy and way more professional!


Wow! The Teleprompter App I've Been Searching For

Seriously, does exactly what I need. It's been over 5 years that I've been searching for the right teleprompter app. This one is near perfect!


Reliably using it for several year snow

Our studio has been using this for 3 years now. It's reliable and it "just works." I can also upload a script from my computer and it shows up on the studio computer. Highly recommend.

North Bank Media Podcast

Powerful and easy to use

Used this app once after having no experience with it, and it performed very well. Client who appeared on camera was happy too. Being able to use another phone as a remote is huge. Imported a large amount of text easily with little formatting needed. So far, so good!

Comm Guy

What a Great App

Get it right the first time! Creating content couldn’t be easier with the script right in front on you. Simple to use, highly functional, and plenty of high-end options.


Great teaching tool

I just love this app!! It really helps with my meditation class with kids and adults. Great Visual Tool


Telepropter for YouTube

I have found different Telpropters out there, and this one works the best! Thank you for letting us speak in front of the camera! Tony.


So easy to use

This was recommended to me when I was stressing about recording a short film for work- it was a complete game changer and God send - so easy to use and record and took the stress out of producing the required film. Would highly recommend for anyone who needs to record a film and stick with a script- an excellent solution



this is worth the price, easy to use, so editable to change for production



Simple, complete -- what an astonishing program -- I've been looking for this for months!


Exactly what you need!

This is the best teleprompter app I have used and worth the cost of premium!